5 Fixes to OneDrive Error Code 0x8004de40 in Windows Efficiently

This article will show you how to fix OneDrive connectivity error code 0x8004de40 in Windows with 5 different methods, and some tips about OneDrive problems. Please keep reading to learn the detailed steps.

By Nicky / Last Updated April 21, 2021

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OneDrive App Displays Error Code 0x8004de40!

“Today, when I attempted to sign in to my OneDrive account on the Desktop, I get an OneDrive error code 0x8804de40, which shows "There was a problem connecting to OneDrive". I checked my internet, but all other internet-based services appear normal. I have no idea about this error code, can you provide me with some suggestions?"

How to Fix OneDrive Error Code 0x8004de40 in Windows 10?

Actually, the "There was a problem connecting to OneDrive 0x8004de40" error indicates that the OneDrive app is facing some connectivity issues. If your OneDrive app displays this error, you should check and change some settings of the internet.

If you are facing this error code, don't be panic. Here, we will explain 5 different ways to help you get this issue fixed, and introduce you an effective way to protect your OneDrive data with CBackupper in the paragraphs below.

Fix 1. Check Your Internet Connection

According to Microsoft, the error code 0x8004de40 that shows "There was a problem connecting to OneDrive" on OneDrive means the app is having difficulties connecting to the cloud. And the major cause of this is a poor or unstable internet connection. To clear this error, the first thing to do is to confirm your internet connection by the following two methods.

1. Ensure that the cable is properly plugged in. If it is a wireless connection, confirm that your router is up and running smoothly. You could also try rebooting your router.

2. Launch your web browser and open a couple of webpages. If your browser successfully loads the pages, that means there's no problem with your internet connection.

☛ If there is something wrong with your internet, please try to fix 2 or fix 3 to solve your internet connection problem.

☛ If your internet connection is working perfectly and you're able to use the internet with every other app on your PC except OneDrive, then you should turn to fix 4/5/6 directly to clear the 0x8004de40 error code.

Fix 2. Change the Internet Properties

The TLS 1.0 and above is a security protocol that helps in establishing encryption channels over the computer network. Your OneDrive client may not function properly when these protocols are disabled. You can follow the steps below to enable the TLS 1.0 and above in Internet Properties.

1. Press Windows Key + R to open Run.

Open Run

2. Type inetcpl. cpl and click OK to open the Internet Properties window.

3. On the Internet Properties window, open the Advanced tab.

4. Under Settings, scroll down and find the following options and check their boxes:

Use TLS 1.0

Use TLS 1.1

Use TLS 1.2

TLS Option

5. Click Apply and OK to save the changes. Reboot your computer and check for the occurrence of the error.

Fix 3. Disable the Proxy Settings

1. Press Windows Key + R to open Run. Then, type inetcpl. cpl and hit Enter to continue.

2. Go to the Connections tab and click on LAN settings.

LAN Setting

3. Here, mark the Automatically detect settings option and unmark the option Use a proxy server for your LAN respectively.

LAN Setting

4. Click on Apply and then OK to implement the changes right away.

Fix 4. Reset Windows Socket (Winsock)

One of the most common and effective troubleshooting solutions for network and connectivity issues on a Windows computer is resetting the Windows Socket (shortly called Winsock). Winsock may the reason why your OneDrive can use the internet. If your internet connection is strong and stable but some of your apps cannot access the network, resetting the Winsock could help fix the issue.

1. Type cmd in the search box.

2. Right-click on Command Prompt option and select Run as Administrator.

3. In the Command Prompt, type the following command and hit Enter.

netsh winsock reset catalog

Winsock Command

4. Once the command is successfully executed, close the command prompt and restart your PC.

Fix 5. Reset OneDrive

When an app or program on your Windows PC starts to misbehave or function abnormally, one of the quickest fixes is to reset the app. Doing this takes the app back to the default state it was when you newly installed it on your computer. Resetting the OneDrive app could also help clear the 0x8004de40 error, and here's how to go about it.

☛ Resetting OneDrive doesn’t affect the personal data, it just re-sync the data to OneDrive.

☛ Resetting an app might delete some of the app's data, settings, and other saved preferences. This means you might have to set-up the OneDrive app from scratch i. e. re-enter your login credentials and reconfigure your preferences.

1. Press Windows Key + R to open Run.

2. Enter or paste the command: %localappdata%\\Microsoft\\OneDrive\\onedrive. exe /reset into the box and hit Enter on your keyboard or tap OK. This command would reset your OneDrive app.

Run Reset Command

3. Paste this command: %localappdata%\\Microsoft\\OneDrive\\onedrive. exe into the Run dialog box and tap OK to quickly launch OneDrive after the reset process, and OneDrive should run smoothly without any error message.

Lanuch OneDrive

вњЋ Note: You are recommended to restart your computer after resetting the OneDrive app.

Bonus Tips About OneDrive Problem

Tip 1. Backup your OneDrive data in advance

Although OneDrive is one of the best cloud storage and backup solutions for Windows computers, it still has some occasional glitches. Besides error code 0x8004de40, you may meet error code 2, error code 6 also and you still face the risk of data loss. Therefore, to protect your files, you’d better backup your OneDrive files to other cloud drives with a free cloud backup tool like CBackupper.

The web app of CBackupper allows you to move files between cloud storage including OneDrive, Dropbox, and Google Drive. To use it, you just need to create an account on the website and log in without downloading any app. Now, follow the steps below to try it.

1. Get started to Create a CBackupper account freely and sign in.

Sign Up

2. Add and authorize your Dropbox account under the “Clouds” tab. Choose the OneDrive icon and click “OK”. Then follow the instructions to go to the OneDrive website to grant access to CBackupper.

Add One Drive

3. Click on “Tasks” tab at the top of the page, then, click “Create Task” button to create backup task.

Create Task

4. Name your backup task, click “Add Source” button to add OneDrive as the backup source. Similarly, click “Add Destination” button to add another cloud drive as the backup destination. Then, click "Start Backup”.

Add Source Destination

Tip 2. Turn to an OneDrive alternative to avoid problems thoroughly

Actually, OneDrive or other mainstream cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox may have many unexpected errors and you can't fix them successfully sometimes. Therefore, if you are tired of handling these problems, you can turn to a more stable and secure cloud backup service directly.

To back up and protect your PC files, CBackupper can also offer help. The PC client of CBackupper is designed for Windows cloud backup especially. It offers 1000 GB backup space at a very reasonable price as well as a 15-day free trial. You can download it and try it first to see if it can meet your requirements.

1. Download and install the CBackupper PC client for free.

Secure Download

2. Create a CBackupper account and sign in.

cBackupper Sign Up

3. Click on the Task tab and click on the New Task button.

Create Task

4. Click on Add Source to select the PC files that you want to backup to CBackup Cloud.

Add Source


As you can see, fix the OneDrive error code 0x8004de40 is very easy and simple to do. You can follow the fixes one by one to solve OneDrive problems, but there is no guarantee of success.

So, according to the 3-2-1 data backup strategy, you are recommended to backup your files with CBackupper web app or turn to CBackupper PC client directly. With CBackupper, you will not have any more problems in accessing your backup file or losing your important files. Don’t hesitate to use it.

How to Fix OneDrive Connectivity Error Code 0x8004de40?

Issue: How to Fix OneDrive Connectivity Error Code 0x8004de40?

When I try to sign in to OneDrive, I get an error saying “There was a problem connecting to OneDrive.” It’s marked with an error code 0x8004de40. The problem actually started a few days after I installed build 1703. Could someone please help?

OneDrive is an in-built cloud storage app since the release of Windows 10. There are many different opinions about the tool, but, in general, it’s an extremely useful tool, which allows storing and transferring personal files on the cloud [1] thus protecting them from loss after serious hardware failure or encryption by ransomware [2] virus.

However, OneDrive sometimes fails to work. Microsoft community is actively discussing OneDrive error code 0x8004de40 saying “There was a problem connecting to OneDrive. Check your Internet connection, and then try again.”

Refreshing your Internet connection is the first maintenance procedure to try. If you are using Ethernet cable, try unplugging it and re-establish the connection. In case of Wi-Fi, try power cycling the modem and check if that helped.

Unfortunately, it does not seem that the culprit of the error code 0x8004de40 is the Internet itself. According to users who encountered this bug, everything else (Outlook, Edge, Chrome, Store, etc.), except OneDrive app works.

There’s on important thing to mention – people noticed that the 0x8004de40 error occurs when using Wi-Fi connection and disappears when switching to mobile hotspot [3] or when using OneDrive online. If the situation is familiar to you, try to fix 0x8004de40 error by following the method given below.
For your convenience we made a video with all the methods for eliminating this error:

Method 1. Change Internet Properties

fix 1

Method 2. Disable Proxy Settings

fix 2

Method 3. Reset OneDrive

NOTE: Resetting OneDrive does not affect personal data. What it does is re-syncing the OneDrive data.

fix 3

Method 4. Reset Winsock Catalog

Several people noticed that OneDrive error 0x8004de40 was followed by NVIDIA GeForce Experience’s failure to connect to the Internet. If you have noticed that other programs have problems with the connection, try the following command:

fix 4

If after trying these methods the error still persists, we would recommend you to install the latest Windows Updates. Even though Microsoft is currently silent about the 0x8004de40 error, it collects information regarding current bugs and fixes all, or at least most of them, with the nearest patch update.


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